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Milwaukee indoor basketball courts and Wisconsin indoor basketball courts are here! Can't play outside? Take the game in by building a court with Rhino! Our indoor putting greens, indoor tennis courts and multi sports flooring is great for anyone wanting to play year around. Now practice volleyball and baseball at home, anytime of day, and improve your golf game whenever you feel like shaving a few strokes away.
Indoor basketball courts are a dream come true when building a court with Rhino Sports™. We provide installation and construction of basketball systems, volleyball, indoor tennis courts, and the “all American” sport, baseball - batting cages.  We are pro’s at designing and building indoor putting greens and golf greens along with home sports zones for your practice games. Our indoor basketball courts are enjoyed no matter the weather; practice at home anytime.

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We provide construction of commercial indoor basketball courts and volleyball courts now building in Madison, Green Bay, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, Appleton, Brookfield, Lake Geneva and Oshkosh. We offer installation of commercial indoor putting greens and indoor tennis courts as well. You can practice your short golf game at home on custom designed greens or play baseball in your backyard batting cage.
Volleyball, baseball or golf, let your family spend quality time together while building their personal sports-related skills in a safe environment.
Milwaukee indoor basketball courts from Rhino Wisconsin indoor basketball courts! Our indoor tennis courts, indoor putting greens and home practice sports zones are great for family fun. Start playing volleyball, baseball, golf and more on your custom designed surface. Building your court will be the most enjoyable family decision you’ll ever make!

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